No new exhibitions anymore

Jean-Claude Berens| 17 Jul 2017| 0 comments | News

It took me some time to take an important decision. After long reflection I have decided that I will no longer show my artwork on exhibitions. There are several reasons for that. First of all, I don’t have the time to do so anymore as I have decided to use my spare time for philanthropic projects. Helping those in need gives sense to my life and to what I am doing. I could also make people happy with my art, but nobody really needs art to survive or to get out of misery. It is a luxury good. And even if I sell my art I wouldn’t really be able to produce lasting results with that money. It is only through direct help, human skills and being ourselves the change we want to see, that we¬†can make this world a better place.

Being fulfilled by my other activities, I don’t feel the urge anymore to go out and take new pictures. And I wouldn’t have time left to do so.

On the other hand, I won’t certainly regret not having taken enough photographs during my life when I’ll be lying on my death bed. But I’ll probably regret not having been able to give enough love and compassion.

I will certainly continue to do recreational photography but I don’t intend to invest too much time or money in this activity anymore.

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