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Nepal: Humanitarian Aid by Crowd funding – ACCOUNTING PROJECT 2016

Every time I travel to Nepal I take school supplies with me because I visit some schools and orphanages that offer needy children a free education. Unfortunately, apart from education, these children don't have the most essential stationery and other school supplies. From year to year the project grows and I can provide more and more children with school supplies. In February 2013, some 1500 children were able to get the most necessary stationery (such as pens, rulers, pencils and crayons). During each visit to the schools, pictures are taken and sent directly to contributors to show the project in action. Hence they can follow almost "live" the distribution of the school supplies. It is very important for me that contributors get this visual feedback.
There are still too many children in Nepal who are educated to beg instead of being educated in school. With this action, I join other projects that help to get the children off the streets and to offer them a good education. Donated money is distributed personally in the form of school supplies. Thus, it is guaranteed that no money gets into the wrong hands and only the children are the direct recipients of the donations.

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